Galvanized Steel Strand

Commonly called Guy Wire or Guy Strand, National Strand produces & stocks the largest array of sizes & coatings in North America. Our Class A, B or C Galvanized strand is used for guy strand, span wire, messenger strand, static/ohgw, bracing strand, trellis strand, arborist applications and more.


Galfan Coated Steel Strand

Galfan™ coated steel strand is an excellent choice for corrosive environments based on its Eutectic Alloy Coating ~ GALFAN™. Galfan coated strand is used for guying, static/OHGW, messenger strand and many other applications where this tough and corrosion resistant coating is the best option.


Stainless Steel Strand

When nothing else will do, Stainless Steel Strand is your best option for superior corrosion protection & life expectancy.


Structural Bridge Strand

Whether the product is used for pedestrian bridge support, support of other structures or even guying large Radio/Cell Phone Towers – National Strand is the ONLY & best choice for available stock and cut to length supply of various sizes of Bridge Strand.


Guard Rail Cable

National Strand Guard Rail Cable is used to limit cross median vehicle crashes on North American Roadways.  The product construction and strengths are governed by ASTM A741 and various other FHWA guidelines in conjuction with various proprietory cable barrier systems.