Electrical Utilities

National Strand’s guy and overhead ground wire/static strand is manufactured to meet the requirements of various ASTM, CSA or even End User Specific needs. As the largest producer for Utility application Guy & Static Strand & the best choice for the widest range of product sizes, lengths and coatings – National Strand is here to meet your Distribution, Transmission and General Utility Construction material needs.


When strand is used as a messenger cable to support communication cables or even electrical conductors in unique applications, it must be strong and have great corrosion tolerance. National Strand Messenger & Guy Strand for the Broadband market is Strong/Cost Effective/USA Made and now certified WBENC Product. National Strand is your best choice to help ensure your broadband backbone is around for many years to come.


Traffic Signals

Span Wire & Guy Strand used for Traffic Signals & signage for DOT applications has to be 100% USA Certified. National Stand is your best choice for 100% USA Certified Strand for use in this application. Whether custom job lengths or heavier coatings for corrosive environments + even low tensile/break away tether strands – National Strand is your choice!


Skyscraping cell phone, radio, TV or other towers require larger and stronger strand sizes. National Strand is your only choice for the widest selection of in-stock sizes of 7 & 19 wire EHS & Bridge Strand Sizes. Whether a rooftop radio tower requiring 3/16” guy strand or when helping the community get improved cellular reception only the best towers and the best strand will do!